Dean Cain On Cory Booker Speaking Spanish During The Debate: ‘I Thought He Was Speaking French!’

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During the first Democrat Presidential debate, candidates, including Beto O’Rourke and Senator Cory Booker, caught viewers off guard when they spoke Spanish while answering debate questions.

Beto was the first candidate to show his ability to speak Spanish, while moments later, Senator Booker spoke Spanish once the subject turned to immigration.

As per CNN:

When asked what he would do on Day One of his presidency if elected, Booker replied in Spanish, ‘The situation right now is unacceptable. This president has attacked, has demonized immigrants — it’s unacceptable and I will change this one.”

He then switched to English, saying, “On Day One, I will make sure that No. 1, we end the ICE policies and the customs and border policies that are violating the human rights. When people come to this country, they do not leave their human rights at the border.”

Video Below

Actor Dean Cain, who also knows how to speak Spanish, couldn’t help reacting after watching Booker during the debate.

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Cain retweeted a video of Booker speaking Spanish at the debate and captioned it: “I speak Spanish… and at first I thought he was speaking French! (laughing emoji)” Video Below

Dean Cain Reacts To Booker’s Spanish-Speaking Moment

In ending, here is a video of then-candidate Trump giving his take on what language should be spoken in America during the 2016 debates.

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