Pastor Jeffress Levels The Left’s Criticism Of Trump’s 4th Of July Plans: ‘It Shows You How Deep The Trump Derangement Syndrome Runs’

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Pastor Robert Jeffress took a moment to respond to leftist smears against President Trump for putting together, what’s expected to be, one of the grandest Independence Day celebrations in American history.

The Commander in Chief announced on Twitter Tuesday that “Salute to America” will take place on the 4th of July, which will honor each of the nation’s five service branches with music, military demonstrations, multiple flyovers including a flight demonstration by the Blue Angels, and much more.

Following the announcement leftists in the media, such as Joy Reed and others, attacked the President’s 4th of July plans by suggesting it was the work of tyrrany and possibly is a “threat to his fellow Americans.”

Pastor Jeffress began his response to the left’s criticism against Trump by stating, “It shows you how deep the Trump Derangement Syndrome runs to think that the President shouldn’t have a part in planning or even speak to the nation on the 4th of July.”

Jeffress mentioned an email that he sent to the President earlier in the day that contained an excerpt of the letter that former President Adams wrote his wife, Abigail on July 3, 1776.

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The letter showed Adams’ vision of future generations “celebrating the festival with pop and parade, with illuminations from one end of the continent to the other, as well as solemn acts of devotion to God.”

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Jeffress concluded that Trump is “simply fulfilling what our founding fathers intended for this great nation.


In ending, here is video of Anthony Scaramucci and Geraldo Rivera giving their reactions to leftist criticism of Trump’s 4th of July plans.

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