Levin Unloads On ‘Unhinged Media Crackpots’ For Trashing Trump’s July 4th Celebration

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Mark Levin was pleasantly moved by how President Trump’s Fourth of July celebration event, “Salute To America,” panned out.

But he couldn’t say the same about the leftist media’s smear campaign surrounding the big event that celebrated America, payed tribute to the men and women in the military and promoted unity.

To put it simple, Levin was disgusted and appalled, yet not surprised at the new level of low that the media stooped to on America’s birthday.

In a string of tweets, Levin said, “The unhinged media crackpots who spent days trashing the president during the lead up to the Independence Day celebration once again reveal themselves as contemptible frauds.”

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“It was a beautiful event. His speech was patriotic and terrific. There was nothing political about it,” he added. See Below

“And our republic was not turned into a dictatorship, at least not by him, as we heard over and over,” Levin continued.

“I can’t say the same for the Left’s intentions and their daily assault on our nation’s institutions.  And most of the TV media censored the president’s speech, refusing to cover it in real time despite spending untold hours propagandizing against it and the entire event before the July 4th celebration,” Levin said.

“Absolutely disgusting behavior yet par for the course,” he concluded. Video Below

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In ending, here is video of Cory Lewandowski giving his reaction on whether Trump silenced his critics with the “Salute to America” event.

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