Trump Blasts The Left For ‘Phony & Exaggerated’ Reports On Border Centers: ‘Big Media Con Job!’

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President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Sunday where he blasted the “fake news media”, particularly The New York Times, for reporting “phony and exaggerated accounts” of conditions at migrant detention centers along the southern border in the wake of reports from the Department of Homeland Security.

Trump pushed back at their claims and explained the reasons why Democrats are creating a “crisis” about the detention centers.

From The Hill:

The reports from the DHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) covered the conditions at facilities near El Paso, Texas, and in the Rio Grande Valley. The government watchdog found severe overcrowding, migrants being held too long and dirty conditions at many of the facilities, reported The Hill.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan earlier Sunday called the allegations of mistreatment, specifically of children, “unsubstantiated.”

Congress last month approved a $4.6 billion emergency border funding bill that was signed into law by Trump and which provides migrant agencies with more resources to tackle the problem. However, the bill has been panned by some progressive lawmakers, such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who argue it doesn’t do enough to address the systemic issues with the border agency. (Continued Below)

President Trump wrote on Twitter Sunday, “The Fake News Media, in particular, the Failing @nytimes, is writing phony and exaggerated accounts of the Border Detention Centers,” Trump tweeted.

“First of all, people should not be entering our Country illegally, only for us to then have to care for them. We should be allowed to focus on United States Citizens first. Border Patrol, and others in Law Enforcement, have been doing a great job. We said there was a Crisis – the Fake News & the Dems said it was “manufactured,” he continued.

“Now all agree we were right, but they always knew that. They are crowded (which we brought up, not them) because the Dems won’t change the Loopholes and Asylum. Big Media Con Job!” Trump added. (Continued Below)

Lastly, the President reassured everyone that the Wall is being built, and explained that Democrats have stalled the process because “they want open borders”.

“We are building the Wall now, but the reason the badly needed Wall wasn’t approved in the Republican controlled House and Senate was that we had a very slim majority in the Senate, & needed 9 Democrat votes. They were totally unwilling to give Wall votes to us, want Open Borders! he declared.

During the second night of the Democratic presidential debates, all Democrats were in favor of granting illegal immigrants health care, and 7 out of the 10 candidates also were in favor of repealing Section 1325– a part of U.S. law that makes crossing the U.S.-Mexico border without papers a misdemeanor offense.

In fiscal year 2016, illegal entry and reentry made up a majority of federal criminal prosecutions. Repealing Section 1325 would radically transform the U.S. immigration system and help ensure that immigrants whose sole crime was entering the United States between ports of entry would not be detained or deported, as per Think Progress.

President Trump was not pleased with the Democratic candidates’ positions as he immediately reacted for not putting American citizens first.

“All Democrats just raised their hands for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited health care. How about taking care of American Citizens first!?” Trump asked. “That’s the end of that race!” (Continued Below)

President Trump’s official tweets:

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