Trump Trolls Nadler’s Distraught Press Conference Moment With A Video Bomb: ‘Democrats Had Nothing!’

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On Wednesday, President Trump declared victory after Mueller’s hearing failed to deliver the knockout blow to Trump that Democrats were banking on to happen.

Instead of walking away with a win, Democrats were seen at their post-hearing presser with expressionless looks on their faces as if their team just lost the Super Bowl.

On the flipside, however, President Trump delivered a knockout punch to both the Democrats and media while facing the press, in what was an explosive post-Mueller hearing reaction.

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Trump stood stern during Wednesday’s unleashing, and he carried it all the way through to Friday, when he targeted Jerry Nadler with a classic video bomb.

Video Below

On Friday evening, Trump got the last laugh on his nemesis, when he tweeted a video that showed a distraught, sad-faced Nadler while Nancy Pelosi spoke to the press after Mueller’s hearing.

The video was riddled with sentimental piano music in the background as it zoomed in on Nadler’s face.

The clip then suddenly cut to a clip of Trump at his press conference saying, “The Democrats had nothing! And now, they have less than nothing.” Video Below

President Trump Trolls Jerry Nadler

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