President Trump Responds To Potential GOP Challengers: ‘I Should Be Able To Take Them!’

[Image Source: Fox News, ABC News, & Bloomberg Politics Video Screenshots. Compilation]

President Trump took to Twitter Tuesday where he responded to three candidates that are running in the GOP primary against the Commander in Chief.

Trump coined the trio as the “Three Stooges”, referring to former Reps. Mark Sanford (R-SC), Joe Walsh (R-IL) and former Gov. Bill Weld (R-MA). Walsh and Weld have announced their campaigns against President Trump in 2020, while Sanford has said he is considering one.

“Can you believe it? I’m at 94% approval in the Republican Party, and have Three Stooges running against me,” the President tweeted.

“One is ‘Mr. Appalachian Trail’ who was actually in Argentina for bad reasons,” he continued, referring to Mark Sanford.

“Another is a one-time BAD Congressman from Illinois who lost in his second term by a landslide, then failed in radio. The third is a man who couldn’t stand up straight while receiving an award. I should be able to take them!” he declared, referring to Joe Walsh and Bill Weld.

Sanford said last month he was considering a primary challenge to Trump, though he has not formally announced a campaign. He has also been critical of the president, and he lost his reelection bid for his House seat last year after Trump endorsed his primary opponent. Sanford had an extramarital affair in 2009 while serving as governor of South Carolina, but he lied and said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail when he had actually gone to Argentina to visit his mistress, as reported by The Hill. (Continued Below)

On February 15, 2019, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld announced the formation of an exploratory committee to consider running for the Republican nomination in the 2020 United States presidential election. On April 15, 2019, Weld officially announced he would be running for president, challenging incumbent Donald Trump. Weld previously was the 2016 Vice Presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party on the Gary Johnson ticket, as reported by Wikipedia.

Meanwhile, Joe Walsh announced his campaign on Sunday. He previously served one term as a congressman in Illinois and went on to become a conservative talk radio host, though one day after announcing that he’s battling President Trump, he lost his show.

All three men and any other prospective challengers face slim odds to unseat Trump on the 2020 ticket as per The Hill. (Continued Below)

Further, Trump campaign communications director, Tim Murtaugh, reportedly responded to ABC News following Walsh’s announcement that he’s running for President.

Jonathan Karl of ABC News said that he asked Tim Murtaugh about Walsh: “We simply [got] a one-word answer: ‘Whatever’, when we asked about Walsh jumping in this race,” Karl said. “The President’s hold on the Republican party is as strong as its ever been, and in fact, he is by far the most popular figure among Republicans in the country. There’s really no indication that he has any vulnerability whatsoever to a primary challenge.”

President Trump’s official tweets:

We leave you with a segment on Fox News discussing that a record number of GOP women are energized and are reportedly planning to launch political campaigns for Congress:

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