Trump Stands Proud In The Center Of The Field As Army-Navy Rendition Deliver An Amazing National Anthem

[Image Source: Twitter Video Screenshots. Compilation].

President Donald Trump attended the 120th Army-Navy college football game at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field Saturday afternoon, for the third time during his presidency. The first time was when he was President-elect and now, it is his second time as President.

As he arrived at the game, the President went to the locker room to greet the players and then discussed the waiver for service academy athletes who wish to play professional sports.

The Commander in Chief was then welcomed onto the field at the Army-Navy game with thunderous roars and applause by 70,000 spectators in the stands before the game kicked off.

President Trump had the honor of officiating the coin toss for the second time and wore a red Keep America Great hat onto the field.

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Before the game started, the military chaplain led the prayer: “In football, they fight hard and fair in love of country they are one. In service to the nation, they are unequal. Bless all who wear the uniform of our nation around the world,” the chaplain prayed in part.

As the Army-Navy rendition delivered an amazing Star Spangled Banner, President Trump could be seen standing proud in the center of the field with his hand on his chest and singing with absolute patriotism.

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God bless America, our military, and President Donald Trump. Videos Below

Army-Navy joint rendition of the Nation Anthem:

President Trump welcomed with cheers:

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The military chaplain’s prayer before the Army-Navy game:

Coin toss:

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President Trump also signed an executive order allowing military academy athletes to play professional sports before their post-academy service.

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