Trump Jokingly Points To Pelosi’s ‘Teeth Falling Out’ Over Her Excuse For Not Pursuing ‘Bribery’ In Articles Of Impeachment

[Image source: Fox News & CNN video screenshots. compilation].

Last Tuesday, House Democrats introduced two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump alleging “abuse of power and obstruction of Congress” regarding his interactions with Ukraine, despite going to the court to obtain documents. Three days later, on Friday the 13th, the Democratic-led House Judiciary Committee voted to adopt their two articles of impeachment, with a straight party-line vote of 23-17. A final roll call in the full House is expected next week.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), however, accused President Trump of committing “bribery” last month, but Democrats did not include it as one of the articles of impeachment. She was asked about it during a presser, to which she claimed that she was “not a lawyer.” The Commander in Chief responded to her statement Saturday on Twitter.

“You, yourself accused [President Trump] of bribery. Why did you decide not to make ‘bribery’ one of the articles of impeachment?” a reporter directly asked House Speaker Pelosi.

“I, myself am not a lawyer,” Pelosi said. “Sometimes I act like one. Not as often as I act as a doctor; I practice medicine on the side without [the] benefit of [a] diploma or two.”

“This is a decision recommended by our– working together with our committee chairs, our attorney’s and the rest,” she said.

Congressman Mark Meadows (R-SC) tweeted a video clip of Pelosi’s response and said that Democrats didn’t charge the President with bribery “because it wasn’t true”. (Continued Below)

The President retweeted the clip Meadows posted of Pelosi and responded to the question of why Democrats and Nancy didn’t make “bribery” one of the articles of impeachment.

“Because Nancy’s teeth were falling out of her mouth, and she didn’t have time to think!” the President joked on Twitter.

Trump has also jokingly coined Pelosi with the names: “Nervous Nancy, Crazy Nancy, High Tax- High Crime Nancy Pelosi, and MS-13 Lover Nancy Pelosi.” (Video Below)

Pelosi’s official remarks:

President Trump’s official tweet:

(Continued Below)

President Trump also wrote on Saturday, “A PERFECT phone call. “Can you do us (not me. Us is referring to our Country) a favor.” Then go on to talk about “Country” and “U.S. Attorney General.” The Impeachment Hoax is just a continuation of the Witch Hunt which has been going on for 3 years. We will win! #MAGAKAG #2020”

“There is no bribery, or any crime at all, alleged in the Articles of Impeachment. This is a first in the history of our Country. @JudgeJeanine @RepMikeJohnson,” he continued.

“Congressional Do Nothing Democrats are being absolutely decimated in their districts on the subject of the Impeachment Hoax. People that voted for them are literally screaming in their faces. Crazy Nancy is finding defending Shifty Schiff harder than she thought! #2020Election,” the President said.

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