While Appearing On CNN, Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Doubles Down On Why “Democrats Hate America”

[Image Source: CNN & PBS Newshour video screenshots. Us4Trump.com compilation].

Constitutional law attorney, senior legal advisor to team Trump, and attorney to President Donald Trump, Jenna Ellis, spoke with host Victor Blackwell on CNN Saturday where she doubled down on why she believes “Democrats hate America”.

Blackwell asked Ellis to clarify comments she had made about Democratic candidates on Friday, saying that Fox News’ Jason Chaffetz didn’t follow up on her remarks.

Asked on Fox News by Jason Chaffetz, “Where is this headed? What is gonna be the message that the Democrats are gonna try to squeeze into the general election?”

“We hate Trump because we hate the American people and we hate our Constitution. That’s what they’re after,” Jenna Ellis told Chaffetz of Democratic candidates.

Asked on CNN what does she have or know that justifies that Democrats hate America and hate the Constitution, Ellis doubled down: “Let’s look at everything that the Democratic candidates and context– that was in the context of the Democratic candidates who are running for president and running on extreme socialist agendas–antithetical to our Constitution, our standards of liberty and the fact that our government obligated constitutionally to preserve and protect our limited rights that are pre-political and come from God our creator, not from our government.”

“And so, when I say that Democrats hate America, it’s that they hate our American values. They don’t want to protect the standards of freedom and liberty. And certainly, both Democratic candidates, as well as Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic majority in the House, are not abiding by our Constitution,” she continued. (Continued Below)

“Going back to the question of impeachment, they are impeaching President Trump, merely because they hate him– because there is absolutely no standard by which they have passed these articles that would pass legal muster here. And that’s why a motion to dismiss would be constitutionally proper here,” Ellis explained.

“That happens all the time, in the context of criminal proceedings– when the standard there is conviction similarly as the Senate. And so, if we have an article of impeachment that has been passed just because of a vote where there is absolutely no evidence that has been shown, that is the House’s responsibility to prosecute, it is not President Trump’s responsibility to defend. It is solely the prosecutor that has to make their case,” she added.

Victor Blackwell was caught off guard by Jenna Ellis’s statement of Democratic candidates but replied, “Democrats hate America and hate the Constitution. I did not know you would attempt to defend that, but you did.” (Video Below)

Jenna Ellis tweeted the clip from her interview and added, “How to respond to CNN’s lame attempts at ‘gotcha’ moments: with a smile and with facts.”

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