While Ringing In The New Year At Mar-a-Lago, President Trump Issues A Positive Outlook On 2020

[Image source: Fox News video screenshots. Us4Trump.com compilation].

Tuesday on New Year’s Eve, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania spoke with the press at Mar-a-Lago in Florida issuing a positive outlook on 2020.

The First Lady was dressed in an elegant long black dress with gold and silver sequins, while the president was wearing a sharp black tuxedo. The first couple was dressed to impress and appeared ready to bring in the new year with style.

Upon taking questions from reporters, the President was asked about Iraq, impeachment, trade with China, vaping, and his New Year’s resolution.

“The impeachment thing is a hoax. It’s a big fat hoax,” President Trump expressed. “We had I guess, 196-0 with the Republicans. We had three Democrats come over, one actually joined our party, as you know, which I think is a record. I don’t think that’s been done in terms of somebody coming in like that– on a vote like that. But [Rep. Van Drew] joined our party from New Jersey. He’s gonna be fantastic.”

“I look forward to it. We did nothing wrong. All you have to do is read the transcript[s]. Or you could also do something else: you could go see or speak to the president of Ukraine. And the president of Ukraine said loudly and boldly … ‘no pressure’. The foreign minister of Ukraine said there was absolutely no pressure. That’s the whole case right there. There’s no pressure whatsoever,” he continued.

“I do say two things: we have to check corruption and we also have to find out why is it that the United States is always giving foreign countries money and Germany and France and all of Europe– they’re not doing much, in fact, they’re not doing anything relative to this. Why is it always the United States? I’ve been asking you those questions and making those statements for a long time to everybody standing here. Nobody mentions that– that was part of it. In fact, that’s in the transcript also,” the Commander in Chief explained. (Continued Below)

The President believes impeachment will go “very quick” and “very easy” in the Senate, adding, “We have tremendous … Republican support. What the Democrats did in the House was a disgrace. What they did– how unfair it was. We didn’t get lawyers, we didn’t have witnesses, we didn’t do anything. And still, we get 100% of the Republican votes and it was bipartisan because we got 3 Democrats.”

“So, I think the impeachment thing– I call it ‘impeachment light’. It’s a disgrace. And Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed of herself. She’s a highly overrated person. I know her well, but she’s highly overrated,” President Trump expressed.

“I’d be very happy with a trial because we did nothing wrong, the President said. “We didn’t even have a witness and we had 196 to nothing. … It was all the Democrats’ witnesses. Look, Adam Schiff is a corrupt politician. He’s corrupt. He got up, he made a speech, he said something I never said. And I released the transcript, which is absolutely a perfect, totally appropriate conversation with a very good man, a very good president. I hear he’s doing a great job. A big reason he elected was corruption– tremendous corruption.” (Continued Below)

“I want to thank everybody. I want you to have a great year. Look, you’re honorable people. You have to stay honorable. If you’re honorable, I’m gonna win the election by a lot. If you’re not honorable, I’m just gonna win the election by a little. So, I’d rather have you be honorable, okay?” The president said to the press.

Asked what was the First Lady’s and the President’s New Year’s resolution, Melania Trump said, “Peace in the world”. The President said, “Peace is right. But, I’m not sure you’re supposed to say your resolution out loud. So I don’t want to say what my resolution is because I think we jinx it, alright?”

However, the President praised America, instead of revealing his own personal resolution.

“But I can tell you, we have a good resolution and it’s a resolution for our country. We love our country. Our country has never done better than it’s doing right now. We have the best unemployment numbers. Almost 160 million people are working– African American, Asian American, Hispanic American– they have the best numbers in the history our of country,” President Trump said. (Video Below)

“We’re very happy. And we rebuilt our military, we cut taxes the lowest in history– the biggest tax cut ever. We’re doing great, our country is really the talk of the world. Everybody’s talking about it,” the Commander in Chief added.

President Trump and First Lady Melania’s official remarks:

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