President Trump On Pelosi Ripping Up The SOTU Speech: “It’s Illegal What She Did; She Broke The Law”

[Image source: Fox News & C-SPAN video screenshots. compilation].

President Donald Trump spoke with reporters Friday before departing for the “Opportunity Now” summit in North Carolina.

While taking questions, the president told reporters that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “broke the law” when she ripped up the State of the Union speech. He also recommended that Republicans expunge impeachment in the House, calling it a “hoax”.

President Trump told reporters that an appeals court handed him a major triumph, as the ruling tossed out the Democrats’ emoluments lawsuit. Holding up a copy of the ruling, the president blasted the suit as a “phony” case. “It was a total win,” he declared.

A federal appeals court on Friday unanimously ruled that more than 200 Democratic congressional lawmakers do not have standing to sue President Trump over allegations he violated the Emoluments Clause over foreign payments to his businesses, reported Fox News.

“Because we conclude that the Members lack standing, we reverse the district court and remand with instructions to dismiss their complaint,” the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said in its ruling.

When asked about Speaker Pelosi tearing up the SOTU speech, President Trump responded: “I thought it was a terrible thing when she ripped up the speech. First of all, it’s an official document– it’s not allowed. It’s illegal what she did. She broke the law.” he explained. (Continued Below)

“A lot of people couldn’t believe that she did it,” the president continued. “I thought it was terrible. I thought it was very disrespectful to the chamber, to the country. I got very high marks on the speech. I didn’t know she did it until I was walking out and some of the Congressman and women were saying, ‘Can you believe what she did’. But I didn’t know she did it.”

President Trump believes there is a lot of “evil” and “crazy” within the Democrat Party, noting he has “got a lot done within the years, by far,” adding that Democrats are “not constructive people”.

“You know they say Trump derangement syndrome. They’ve got it. [Democrats] have a bad case of it. You saw it. That was on display the other night when she ripped up the speech. That was terrible– so disrespectful to our country. And actually, very illegal what she did,” the president noted. (Video Below)

Asked if they should expunge the impeachment in the House, the President replied, “They should because it was a hoax. It was a total political hoax.”

The president also tweeted Friday: “Another win just in. Nervous Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress sued me, thrown out. This one unanimous, in the D.C. Circuit. Witch Hunt!”

President Trump’s full remarks:

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