President Trump On Whether He’ll Be Tested For The Coronavirus: “Most Likely, …We’re Working Out A Schedule”

[Image source: Fox News Youtube video screenshots. compilation].

During a press conference in the Rose Garden at the White House on Friday, President Donald Trump said that he will “most likely” be tested for the coronavirus when he was asked by a reporter.

CBS News White House Correspondent Weijia Jiang asked the president, “Are you being selfish for not getting tested and potentially exposing [the coronavirus]?”

“Mr. President thank you. … The person you were you were standing next to, whether you know who he is or not, tested positive for coronavirus. Dr. Fauci said this morning, ‘If you stand next to somebody who tested positive, you should self isolate and get a test’. You say your White House doctor is telling you something different. Who should American’s listen to?” Weijia Jiang asked President Trump.

“I think they have to listen to their doctors. And I think they shouldn’t be jumping to get the test unless it’s necessary. But I think they have to listen to their doctors,” the president responded.

“Doctors said you might have it even if you don’t have symptoms. Are you being selfish by not getting tested and potentially exposing…” she asked.

The president interjected: “I didn’t say I wasn’t going to get tested.” (Continued Below)

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Jiang pressed: “Are you going to be?”

“Most likely, yeah,” President Trump replied. “Not for that reason, but I think I’ll do it anyway. … Fairly soon, we’re working on that– we’re working out a schedule.” (Video Below)

Weijia Jiang also took to Twitter on Friday to boast: “I asked President Trump if he was being selfish for not getting tested and possibly spreading #Coronavirus to others. He said he would ‘probably’ get one.”

President Trump’s official remarks:

Weijia Jiang reports:

(Continued Below)

Full White House press conference:

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