Trump Blasts ‘RUDE & NASTY’ Dems For Reportedly Complaining About Call With Pence: “America Will Not Be Fooled!”

[Image source: Fox News, PBS Newshour, and Global News video screenshots. compilation].

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Saturday, blasting Democrats as “RUDE and NASTY” in series of tweets, saying “They will only respond to their Fake partners in the Lamestream Media in the negative”.

The president’s tweets come after Vice President Mike Pence held a phone call with Senate Democrats on Friday to take questions from the lawmakers on the government’s testing amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Democratic Senators reportedly were not happy with the phone call.

According to the New York Post, Independent Angus King of Maine eventually lost his patience, telling Pence and the task force that their failure to develop an adequate national testing regime was a “dereliction of duty”, adding: “I have never been so mad about a phone call in my life,” King said.

A Democratic source said that nearly every question from Democrats during the call was about the administration’s “inadequate testing regime,” but that Democrats did not feel like Pence or other White House coronavirus task force members were giving them clear answers, reported The Hill.

Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, were also on the call. During the White House’s daily press conference on Friday, Dr. Fauci called the conversation with Democrats “very productive.

President Trump blasted the Democrats Saturday on Twitter as “RUDE and NASTY”, and suggested that “this is their political playbook”. Continued Below

“No matter what you do for the Do Nothing Democrats, no matter how GREAT a job you are doing, they will only respond to their Fake partners in the Lamestream Media in the negative, even in a time of crisis. I thought it would be different, but it’s not,” President Trump explained.

“In fact, it’s even worse. Example! V.P. Mike Pence held a conference call yesterday with all Democrat Senators. He gave them everything that they would have wanted to hear in terms of gaining ground on the CoronaVirus, but nothing that anyone could have said, including ‘it’s over’, could have made them happy, or even a little bit satisfied,” he wrote.

“They were RUDE and NASTY. This is their political playbook, and they will use it right up to the election on November 3rd. They will not change because they feel that this is the only way they can win. America will not be fooled!!!” the Commander in Chief expressed. Video Below

President Trump’s official tweets:

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Soon after, the president recommended that American’s “should demand names” when the “lamestream media” fails to disclose their sources.

We leave you with Vice President Mike Pence who spoke with Judy Woodruff in an interview Friday, on PBS Newshour:

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