Before Voting On Coronavirus Relief, Lawmakers At Podium Wipe Their Nose, Remove Their Mask Or Wear No Mask At All

[Image source: Twitter video screenshots. compilation].

The Senate on Tuesday approved roughly $484 billion in new coronavirus aid for small businesses and hospitals and more funding for testing.

The deal includes an additional $310 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), including $60 billion specifically for community banks and smaller lenders, as well as $75 billion for hospitals, $25 billion for testing, and $60 billion for emergency disaster loans and grants, The Hill reported.

On Thursday, the House of Representatives took the floor to speak over the government’s response to the country’s unprecedented health and economic crises, before voting on the $484 billion in new coronavirus aid.

Many lawmakers showed up in masks, however, when they approached the microphone at the podium to speak, they either wore their masks off of their face or without a mask at all.

Social Media Manager, Caleb Hull, noted of Congress: “Peak irony that the same people who are shutting down the economy and getting paid to do nothing show up today on the House floor for the second time since this started and all either wear the masks half off their face or don’t wear a mask at all.”

Hull also posted several pictures of lawmakers, who were seen on the House floor with their masks, and how they were worn while speaking at the podium. Continued Below

Caleb Hull’s official tweets:

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