Dennis Miller Roasts Pelosi Over Her Ice Cream: “What’s Wrong With Her…Might Be Brain Freeze”

Dennis Miller, PelosiFox Video Screen Shot, CBS Video Screen Shot

Political commentator and comedian Dennis Miller completely roasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her showing off her personal ice cream stash on The Late, Late Show With James Corden.

While small businesses were in limbo as the Paycheck Protection Program ran dry last week, Pelosi (D-CA) showed off her $24,000 freezer filled with Jeni’s ice cream, a brand that advertises pints-by-mail for around $12 a piece.

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When pressed by Sean Hannity about Pelosi brandishing her ice cream, Miller said, “Well, I always wonder what’s wrong with her. Now, I think it might be brain freeze. I think she’s eating that too fast.”

“She never shuts up,” he continued. “Eventually, you have to hood her like a falcon. See, you get some sleep at night.”

“Sean, do you want to know the difference between Pelosi and that freezer?” Miller asked. “When Pelosi opens her mouth, the light doesn’t go on.” Video Below


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