Jesse Watters Indicates How Enthusiasm Trends Spell Bad News For Joe Biden: “His Base Is Not Entirely Juiced & Trump’s Base Is”

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Thursday during Fox News’ airing of “The Five”, Jesse Watters indicated how enthusiasm trends spell bad news for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, saying, “his base is not entirely juiced and Trump’s is”.

Watters listed off recent polls indicating that President Trump is gaining traction among Blacks, Latinos, battle ground states, handling of the economy, and coronavirus concerns.

“Morning Consult, battleground poll has the president tied or slightly ahead in every battleground state, except Michigan, which is gonna be a tough fight,” Watters explained.

“The Hill-Harris poll, Juan [Williams] writes for [them], so it has to be legit,” he continued, poking fun at his co-host. “Joe Biden is significantly underperforming with minority voters. He’s off 27% with Blacks where Hillary was. 20% he’s off with Hispanics, where Hillary was,” he pointed out.

“According to Rasmussen, 20% of Black voters plan on voting for President Trump. The Economist says 80% of crime is a serious issue. 86% of Black Americans say it is. The Kaiser Family Foundation has Donald Trump’s approval– coronavirus jumping 9 points recently,” Watters said. “And people do not think the coronavirus is as much of a concern as they use to. Last month, the president’s handling of the economy, over 50% in every single battle ground poll.”

“And in terms of election enthusiasm, Donald Trump’s voters almost double as enthusiastic as Joe Biden. So the trend’s are against Biden. His base is not entirely juiced and Trump’s base is,” Watters noted. “So Nancy, don’t celebrate yet.” Video Below

Jesse Watters’ official remarks:

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On Tuesday, Watters said, “The race is dead even with the president having a slight edge, and right now, I’d rather be President Trump.”

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