Trump At Nevada’s Peaceful Protest: “I Did More In 47 Months As President Than Joe Biden Did In 47 Years”

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President Trump called out his opponent Joe Biden by name during his peaceful protest in Nevada on Saturday.

Trump pointed out some of the many successes of his nearly ’47 months’ in office and compared it to Biden’s ’47 years’ in public service.

“The fact is I did more in 47 months as President  than Joe Biden did in 47 years,” Trump told a crowd of his supporters at an airport hangar in Minden, Nevada.

“I withdrew from the last administration’s disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal. We killed the founder and leader of ISIS al-Baghdadi,” he continued. “We eliminated the world’s number one terrorist and mass murderer of American troops, Qasem Soleimani. He’s dead. He’s gone.”

“Biden voted for the Iraq War, he opposed the mission to take out Osama Bin Laden,h opposed killing Soleimani and he cheered the rise of China as a very positive development,” Trump asserted.

“Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of history gor 47 years,” the President proclaimed. Video Below


President Trump also warned during his speech that if Joe Biden wins the presidency in November, “the rioters win, the anarchists win, arsonists, flagburners — they all win.”

“I’m running for re-election to bring prosperity to Nevada — to the whole country,” Trump declared in his speech.

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