President Trump Casts His Ballot In Florida, Tells Reporters, “I Voted For A Guy Named Trump”

[Image source: Team Trump Twitter video screenshots. compilation]

President Donald Trump cast his early ballot in West Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday, telling reporters: “I voted for a guy named Trump!”

The president switched his official residence last year to his private club at Mar-a-Lago from New York, after saying that politicians in his home state have treated him unfairly.

President Trump stopped and spoke with reporters after casting his vote, saying, “It was a very secure vote, much more secure than when you send in a ballot, I can tell you that.”

“Everything was perfect, very strict, right by the rules. When you send in your ballot, it could never be like that, it could never be secure like that. And they’ve done a fantastic job over here, great people inside,” he continued.

The Commander in Chief went on to say, “It’s an honor to be voting, it’s an honor to be in this great area, which I know so well. And we’re going to make three stops today– big ones, big rallies, three big ones. Crowds have never been– I don’t think there’s ever been anything like this. There’s tremendous spirit. I hear we’re doing very well in Florida, and we’re doing very well, I hear every place else.”

Asked who did he vote for, the president responded, “I voted for a guy named Trump!” Video Below

President Donald Trump’s official remarks:

“JUST VOTED. A great honor!” the president also posted on Twitter Saturday.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Second Lady Karen Pence dropped off their absentee ballots Friday at a site in Indianapolis.

President Trump will hold three rallies on Saturday: Lumberton, North Carolina; Circleville, Ohio; and Waukesha, Wisconsin. On Sunday, He will fly to New Hampshire. In addition, the Trump campaign released more dates:

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