Trump Reacts To Biden Confusing Him With George Bush, Blasts The Media For ‘Covering It Up’

[Image source: Global News video screenshot. I Will Vote Concert Video Screen Shot. compilation].

While making an appearance Sunday during the “I Will Vote” concert, Joe Biden appeared to have confused President Donald J. Trump with George Bush.

The Commander in Chief reacted on Twitter Monday morning to Biden confusing him with George Bush, blasting the media for protecting the former vice president, saying in part, “The Fake News Cartel is working overtime to cover it up!”

“Four more years of George, uh, George uh– we’re gonna find ourselves in a position where uh, if Trump gets elected, uh, we’re gonna be, uh, we’re gonna be in a different world,” Biden said while sitting next to his wife, Jill.

It’s unclear, however, if Biden was about to refer to the 43rd President George W. Bush or the 41st President George H.W. Bush during the mix up.

President Trump responded in a tweet Monday morning, writing, “Joe Biden called me George yesterday. Couldn’t remember my name.”

“Got some help from the anchor to get him through the interview. The Fake News Cartel is working overtime to cover it up!” Trump proclaimed. Continued Below

President Trump’s official tweet:

In another tweet, President Trump also ripped the media for not reporting on the “tremendous progress” his administration is making in the fight against the coronavirus.

The president added of the “fake news media”:

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