Trump Urges Football Legend Herschel Walker To Run For Senate In Georgia: “Run Herschel, Run!”

Trump, Herschel WalkerRNC Video Screen Shots

45th President Donald J. Trump is now pushing Conservative NFL legend Herschel Walker to run for Georgia’s Senate seat in 2022.

In an email to his supporters on Wednesday, Trump stumped for the former Dallas Cowboys running back who also was a Heisman trophy winner when playing in college as a Georgia Bulldog.

Mr. Walker now resides in Georgia and has since been a strong voice in politics as a conservative Republican and staunch Trump supporter who often rails against the Democratic agenda on social media and in television appearances.

Herschel’s name has been floated as a possible contender to run against Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock when his seat is up for grabs in 2022.

“Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the legendary Herschel Walker ran for the United States Senate in Georgia?” Trump asked. “He would be unstoppable, just like he was when he played for the Georgia Bulldogs, and in the NFL. He is also a GREAT person.”

“Run Herschel, run!” the 45th President concluded. See Below

President Trump’s Official Email:


In ending, here is a recent video of Hannity pressing Mr. Walker on his political aspirations:

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